In 2018 we will be putting on our first frontend conference. We currently run a free, monthly community user group, Frontend NE; which covers the full range of front end topics with a mix of local, national, and international speakers.

We’ve had amazing support at our community meetings for over 2 years, and look to continue these relationships as we run our first conference. With your support we are going to put on an amazing conference.

Event Date: April 5th 2018

Venue: Turbine Hall at The Castlegate in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Looking to support us?



We are offering a range of sponsorship opportunities, which will help support and make a great conference for our attendees.

Main Sponsorship

  • Logo on screen during break
  • Logo on site, with dedicated sponsors page
  • Banner stands in event space (you’ll need to provide these, max 3)
  • Mentions during the closing thank you
  • Exhibition Space (if required)

The cost of the sponsorship is £2,500, these are limited.

Basic Sponsorship

  • Logo on screen during break
  • Logo on site, with link

The cost of the sponsorship is £500.



Want to make the day a little bit more special? We have a range of add-ons for exclusive sponsorship that will add a little more. We’ve outlined a few options, that we’d love to work on with you!

Pre-Social Event

We’d really like to make everyone who has traveled up before the event feel special, so we’d love to work with you to make a good pre-social event.

Post Social

After the talks it is a conference tradition to continue the discussion, we’re offering exclusive venue sponsorship after the event to cover some food and drinks for people.

Video Sponsor

Our current videos have had over 25,000 views on youTube, this is the chance to get your logo on the front of our conference talks for 2018.

Something else?

Think we’ve missed something? (We like ice cream) We are open to suggestions on other ideas, or additional items that might improve our attendees experiences.