Call for Speakers

Want to give a talk at Frontend NE: The Conference? You’re in the right place. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or this would be your first talk, if you have something you feel passionate about, we want to hear from you! Thanks to our amazing sponsors we can also provide support for travel and accommodation for speakers outside of the North East. As an extra Brucey Bonus, we’ll even pay you for your troubles.

As far as topics go, as long as it’s related to frontend, we’re happy: From CSS to HTML, JavaScript frameworks to Web Components, testing to tooling, accessibility to performance. Take a look at our past talks from our meetup for some inspo. We’re open to suggestions!

Talks should be aound the 40—45 minute mark. We don’t do Q&A as these have a habit of running over. If you need a little help getting your talk into shape, we’re here to help. Just get in touch with us on twitter or via email and we’ll talk through your ideas with you.

We’ll be closing our call for speakers on December 7th 2017 and will be contacting people by January 31st 2018.

Get Busy Applyin'

This is just so we know what to call you. If you prefer to stay anonymous, just make one up.
This lets us know whether we'll need to set some money aside to help with your travel/accommodation
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Somewhere around 100 - 150 words outlining the content should do the trick. We're not looking for an essay here, but we do need to know what you're talking about
Links to videos would be ideal, but we're happy with slides, or even witty anecdotes